What Am I ? first cover the answer and answer the question.
it is a Child’s food pusher? okay so what is a child’s food pusher? it is a small handled with flat end as shown and it pushes food onto the child’s fork.
Oddly enough I never saw this before but when I go look it up in my children’s books there it is. The oddest shaped utensil. To me it looks like someone cut the end off and bent it but my books tell me different story.
it is from the Victorian era. It is found in the wealthier homes. This one is pretty plain compared t some of them in my book. In my book they can very ornate with designs in thick ornate sterling silver. One would now a days collect all the different patterns for one child’s food push.
The food push is an ingenuous idea being it would help the child learn to use utensils by oneself by pushing the food onto the fork.
It would also be very hand for the elderly , disabled or weak by using it to serve food on your plate or push food off.
Some were made in matching sets and boxed. Some on their own or with just another child’s utensil like a fork or spoon.Some were engraved with the child’s intiials, date or age.
I hope to find more in Strathroy Antique Mall now that I know what I’m looking for.
So keep your eyes open when you are antiquing or road tripping and see if you can find one of these antique food pushers. I would love to know if you do so please leave me a comment.
thanks and good luck antiquer’s finding your treasures.

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