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antique- furniture? What is antique furniture? antique furniture is furniture that has been around for 100 years or more. It can be anything from a small table to a large 12 feet flat to the wall. It is not 50 years old and it is not 75 years old it is 100 plus. That is what antique furniture is.

Where to find Antique Furniture?

Antique furniture can be found in many different ways. The true and tried method to find good quality antiques is to visit antique stores. Antique stores have antique furniture for sale along with vintage and odds and ends including collectibles. The people running the antique shops are called antique dealers and they buy antiques in their original form and sometimes restore them so they can offer them to the antique buyers or leave them in the orginal way they bought them.

Antique Furniture  Stores

Can be single owned shops or antique malls with various antique dealers under one roof. The mall style shops offer a wide assortment of antique, collectible and vintage items and they can take hours to go through. It makes a fun day getting together with friends or family that enjoy hunting for antiques and make it a day. So the next time you have a day to kill plan a road trip with some friends or family to go to antique shops and map them out. Make it a day and after you are done your treasure hunting (or  even in the middle) stop and have a meal either to renergize yourself or you may be plan starving after walking all the isles trying to find the antique furniture of your choice.

Be sure to bring a tape measure, pad of paper and pen. You can measure the furniture to make sure it will fit. You can also jot down he isle you saw a piece of antique furniture that you are considering and know how to find it easily later.

Who know it could become a favorite new hobby.

There is also antique auction halls.

There you can view the items and get a number and bid on what you like. The highest bidder wins the antique. It is  good idea to have a price in your mind before bidding and quite own it gets to that. Sometimes antique buyers  get caught up  int he bidding war and pay too much and would have been better of just buying it in the antique shop and save some money.

You can also buy antiques online.

Some web pages have carts that you purchase your antiques and pay by visa, master card etc and have them shipped to your house or pick them up. Some online auctions are just like brick and mortar auctions and you bid and the highest bidder wins after they close the auction at a set time. Once gain when bidding be sure to know when to stop.

Other places can include second-hand stores and charity shops, yard sales and church sales.

The hunt for the antique is the funnest part. Finding that special treasure gives us a feeling of accomplishment. Happy hunting now that you know what antique furniture is.