strathroy antique mall cranberry glass

What Is Antique Cranberry Glass?

Yes it is as the name dictates “Cranberry” color. it is a transparent yellow-red glass. Redder color for sure. It was made in Europe and America since the civil war. It is still being made.
The new cranberry glass can fool you if you are looking for antique cranberry glass nowadays with lots being made.
Cranberry glass is made into vase, lights, tableware,dresser boxes, pill boxes, baskets, bell, biscuit barrels, and more many different glass items.
How to tell if it is authentic cranberry glass is the glass color.Thye add gold tot he molten glass and that is what creates the pink to burgundy cranberry glass. many if you look have a deeper hue by the neck or near edges indicating where the glass was blown from/
How to find a good quality piece.
Search for blemishes take out the glasses and go over every square inch. Check for chips, ash, or unpolished areas. it should b smooth and polished for truly top of the line pieces.
How to tell if your piece was hand blwon and hand crafted
There should be a pontil, What is a pontil? it is a mark created with the blown glass is separated from the blow rod after the piece is finished. It has to have that mark. if it does not have a pontil then the piece is not “blown ” glass.
How to Know If Its Newe Cranberry
Many new brand names are Fenton, Hazel Atlas, Indiana glass, hocking and Avon. They have a deep burgundy color. The shapes are modern too.
If you buy from reputable places be sure to ask the person in charge dn they will do their best to assist you with

buying older cranberry glass.
Strathroy Antique Mall has experienced antique dealers on the floor a couple almost at all times so just ask. If they cannot answer your question they can ask on the other dealers that have booths there an surely find you the correct answer.
Cranberry glass is eye-catching and elegant. Enjoy.

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